For years, VITAS products have been the trusted choice of industry professionals, including architects, contractors, landscape architects, and industrial facility managers. Their specially formulated cleaning and maintenance solutions address a wide range of challenges, including the removal of liquid spills, stubborn stains, grout haze, pinholes, and cracks. VITAS products are also effective for repairs and polishing various surfaces. Notably, some solutions are specifically designed to optimize the pre-laying and post-installation stages of raw materials, ensuring a flawless and long-lasting finish.

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VITAS: A Comprehensive Stone Care Solution
VITAS represents a significant advancement in stone care, leveraging the expertise of industry professionals to deliver a premium range of products specifically designed to enhance the value and longevity of your valuable marble, granite, and natural stone surfaces.
VITAS offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products formulated to provide long-lasting protection for a wide variety of stone surfaces, including marble, granite, natural stones, tiles, and ceramics. Our commitment to quality extends beyond product selection; we exclusively offer over 50 premium formulations developed and manufactured in Italy, ensuring the highest standards of performance and aesthetic enhancement.
VITAS products are meticulously crafted to preserve the inherent beauty of your stone surfaces. Our extensive line encompasses a variety of solutions, including resins, joint filers, mastics, marble glues, sealers, cleaners, stain removers, and polishes. Each product is meticulously designed to address specific needs while maintaining the natural look and feel of your stone investment.
Through continuous research and development (R&D) efforts, VITAS remains at the forefront of stone care technology. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our products not only deliver exceptional protection but also prioritize efficiency. VITAS solutions are formulated to save time, reduce labour requirements, and offer cost-effective maintenance for your valuable stone surfaces.