THE MARBLE DENSIFIER is a high-performance liquid-based formula for easy application and penetration. It contains chemicals that are specifically formulated for natural and artificial stones. The high-performance liquid-based technology hardens and solidifies the surface of the stone, which in turn provides substantial sealant properties to protect the stone from moisture, stains, and other damages. It increases the hardness and polish of the stone, resulting in a high-gloss finish.

Instruction to Use

 After using the VITAS Epoxy System, complete no 2. Grinding, There on,

1. Clean and dry the stone surface thoroughly and allow it to dry overnight.

       Apply the VITAS BIANCA WONDER – The Marble Densifier. Evenly to the     surface using a roller/wiper or brush.

1. Allow the VITAS BIANCA WONDER– The Marble Densifier to 

penetrate the stone for at least 2-3 hours.

2. Repeat process no 2, and allow the VITAS BIANCA WONDER– The Marble Densifier to penetrate until absorption stops.

     4.Allow to dry for 1 or 2 days.

5. Apply VITAS BIANCA WONDER – The Marble Densifier.

repeatedly until saturation and allow to dry for 1 or 2 days before continuing with the final steps of polishing.


Hardens and solidifies the surface

Increases hardness and polish

Provides substantial sealant properties and high gloss

Protects the stone from dampness, rust formation, flaking, pop-ups, and saline efflorescence

Prolongs the life of the stone and increases its reflectivity

SIZE: 20 LTR,       Color- Milky        USE: Marble.

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