VITAS MIRAGE 200 is an innovative stone densifier formulated with a unique blend of fine polymers. These products effectively penetrate the micro-porous structure of stone, enhancing its structural integrity and creating a high-definition crystalline barrier. This significantly improves the stone's resistance to stains, weathering, and wear while increasing its gloss and coverage

Key benefits:

Enhanced structural hardness: Resists scratching, chipping, and wear.

Superior stain and weather resistance: Protects against spills, dirt, and harsh weather conditions.

High-definition gloss: Deepens and amplifies the natural beauty of the stone.

Increased coverage: Offers significant cost savings due to efficient product application.

Ideal solutions for 

Stone restoration and protection: Revitalize and safeguard natural stone surfaces in residential and commercial settings. High-traffic areas: Enhance the durability and performance of stone in areas prone to wear and tear. Improved aesthetics: Achieve a polished, high-gloss finish for a visually appealing and luxurious appearance.

Instruction to Use

Application Instruction:
After using the VITAS Epoxy System, complete no 2. Grinding, There on,

1. Clean and dry the stone surface thoroughly and allow it to dry overnight.

       Apply the VITAS MIRAGE– The ADVANCED STONE DENSIFIER, evenly to the surface using a roller/wiper or brush.

2. Allow the VITAS MIRAGE– The ADVANCED STONE DENSIFIER to  penetrate the stone for at least 2-3 hours.

3. Repeat process no 2, and allow the VITAS MIRAGE– The ADVANCED STONE DENSIFIER to penetrate until absorption stops.

4. Allow to dry for 1 or 2 days.

5. Apply VITAS MIRAGE– The ADVANCED STONE DENSIFIER repeatedly until saturation and allow to dry for 1 or 2 days before continuing with the final steps of polishing.

Size : 10 ltr ,     color : Clear , use : marble.

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